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protecting Exchange 2007 Server Mailbox databases with Local Continous Replication (LCR) activated Minimize

Oliver Sommer 

After enabling LCR DPM 2007 does not show the First Storage Group which is the one that gets LCRed in Exchange 2007 any more:


That's because DPM can't backup LCR when the VSS writer on that LCR DB is enabled.
So you need to disable the VSS replica Writer on that LCR DB:

You need to add the EnableVssWriter key as a DWORD with a value of 0 (NULL) to the Registry in HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Exchange/Replay/Parameters like shown in the following screenshoot.

After setting this key you need to restart the Exchange Replication Service to activate that setting:

Then you should be able to create a DPM protection group including Exchange LCR Mailbox protection:


This is also referenced here:



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