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Oliver Sommer 

The replacement scenario is NOT a replacement for backup/restore it is just a way to recover the server in to the defaults of the initial install. You then need to restore the configuration that has been changed (firewall rules as an example). Also you need to restore all user data (if data is located in a SAN it may not be necessary) that has been stored on that server.

Essential Business Server 2008 integrates a really cool feature to get around all those nasty recovery, migration and hardware replacement problems you usually suffer from when one of your servers dies.
In EBS if that happens you simply take the failed server offline and replace it with a new one or you replace a possibly failed system drive set with new ones and just reinstall the failed EBS server.

Because this is a soooo cool feature I decided to show you in this article how this works:

Let's assume that the EBS messaging server (the one that integrates Exchange 2007 to EBS) failed because of a fatal server hardware error and the hardware needs to be replaced in total.


In an EBS environment you can then take a brand new server box, put the EBS Messaging server setup DVD media in the new server and simply reinstall it like you did with the initial installation, up to when you get to the point where the active directory integration takes place:

When you enter an existing and reachable EBS domain here, setup detects that the Messaging server has been present in that environment before 
(BTW: I just bugged the typo in the message box today, so this is hopefully not gone make it to the next milestone release, nor RTM)

and asks for validation that the older installation shall be removed by setup:

By clicking "prepare Replacement" and acknowledging an additional warning you remove the existing server from and prepare the environment for the replacement. For example the AD computer account got deleted by setup during this procedure.

Now you might ask were the data like the name and IP adress of the failed server is stored to make this replacement to initial instalaltion state possible!?
In Active Directory! 
Essential Buiness Server creates its own configuration partition in AD to store all this data to.

How to edit and details about this EBS configuration partion in AD is shown in a blog posting the EBS team just published the day after I wrote this article, so I added this link here:


Then the new server is being integrated into the environment to replace the failed one.


After that and the prerequisites check the Messaging servers components got installed as on the initial installation:


So that after this the new messaging server took place of the failed one in the EBS environment and you just need to restore the data like the Exchange databases from a recent backup.

How to do a restore of Exchange 2007 is i.e. referenced at the EBS TechNet library in:

An exact step by step manual for replacing an EBS server is also available at the EBS TechNet library:



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