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no alerts showing up after clicking into SCE from the EBS admin console Minimize

Oliver Sommer 

Even after reboot there are no alerts showing up after clicking into SCE from the EBS admin console.

Only the mailserver shows warnings and errors, all other servers don’t show their errors and warnings in the SCE console.

This might be caused by the fact that the Administrator accounts login name or password has been changed since the install of SCE. 
Doing so will cause SCE to mess up (at least in EBS Beta 2 and probably in normal SCE 2007 environments it does).

To solve this you need to change severaly credentials into SCE2007 console. To do so open up SCE and drill down to "Administration",

"Security" and "Run As Accounts":

You need to adjust all those arrow stamped account entries by right-clicking to "Properties" and change the credentials under "Account":

Restarting the Management server then is recommended to make SCE using the changed creds.
After that your EBS Administration console should show refreshed alert and update compliance data and you should be able to drill down to each computers alerts list.

Additionally you might want to flush SCEs cache of alters after this to start over again:
(Thanks to Mark again for this)

There are several ways to get to the health service tasks, but I find the easiest is to do this:


1.        Open SCE Console and go to Administration -> Monitoring

2.       Right-click on the top Monitoring object and choose ‘New->State View’

3.       Use these settings:

a.     Name: Health

b.    Show data related to: Health Service

c.     Show data contained in a specific group: All

4.       Click on Health Service and then click on the management server.  On the right-hand actions menu, choose “Flush Health Service State and Cache” (this can take several minutes)

5.     Then stop health service, and manually delete all files under "C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service
State\Health Service Store folder

6.     Start the Health service



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